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Naturals Princess Small Physical Mental Stimulation Bird Toy

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Naturals Princess Small Physical Mental Stimulation Bird Toy

Naturals™ Princess from Prevue Pet Products is the ultimate multi-sensory activity toy, crafted to entertain and engage birds on every level. This toy offers a perfect blend of physical and mental stimulation, providing essential exercise for your bird's body and mind.

Watch your feathered friend stay engaged and stimulated as they move, solve, balance, manipulate, and chew with the various elements of this toy. Such activities contribute significantly to your bird's overall physical and mental well-being.

Made with an assortment of materials, including natural grass, wooden beads, a seashell, and a bird-safe bell, this toy encourages your bird's foot and beak exercise, ensuring a happy and healthy pet.

This pet-safe toy is skillfully hand-made in Malaysia and uses a quick link for easy cage attachment. The toy measures approximately 8 1/4" in height, 4 1/4" in length, and 1 1/4" in width, while retaining a unique shape and size for added interest.

Remember, always supervise your pet while they play, and regularly inspect the toy. If it's used or worn, it's time to replace it to ensure your bird's continued enjoyment and safety.

Manufacturer: Prevue Hendryx
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Naturals Princess Small Physical Mental Stimulation Bird Toy
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