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Comfort Zone Multi Cat Pheromone Calming Refill

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Comfort Zone Multi Cat Pheromone Calming Refill

Introducing the Comfort Zone Multi Cat Calming Diffuser Refills, a one-pack solution designed to create a serene environment for your feline friends. If your cats are showing signs of tension, conflict, or stress, this product can help restore harmony in your multi-cat home.

The diffusers release a drug-free vapor that mimics a cat's natural calming pheromones, signaling to your cats that the area is safe and reducing their tension and conflict. Simply plug a diffuser into each room where your cats spend most of their time. Remember to replace the refill every 30 days and the diffuser unit every 12 months for optimal results.

Key Features:

  • Veterinarian recommended for keeping cats safe, happy, and calm
  • Drug-free solution that helps to calm your cat, reduce destructive behaviors, and make your cat feel more comfortable in their environment
  • Helps reduce tension, fighting, and stress in multiple cat households
  • Reduces urine spraying and destructive scratching in the home
  • Diffuser plugs into the wall, covering one entire room for 30 days
  • Creates a calming, safe, relaxing environment for your cats without affecting other household pets
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages
  • Refills are compatible with Comfort Zone Diffusers
  • Safe and certified to UL standard, with a shut-off feature to prevent overheating

Each pack contains one 1.62 fl oz (48mL) refill cartridge.

Comfort Zone Multi Cat Pheromone Calming Refill
UPC: 039079003544

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