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AquaPacs Water Conditioner 10g 12pk

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AquaPacs Water Conditioner 10g 12pk

Protect your fish from the dangers lurking in tap water with Aqueon® AquaPacs™ Water Conditioner. When setting up a new aquarium or changing the water, it's crucial to remove any chlorine and chemicals present. Failure to do so can seriously harm your aquatic pets.

With Aqueon's® AquaPacs™, you can easily create a safe, healthy environment for your fish. These convenient balls neutralize chlorine and other toxins, making tap water safe for fish. No more measuring out liquid conditioners or worrying about overdosing.

Simply add one AquaPacs™ ball per 10 gallons of new water. It will go to work removing harmful chemicals and balancing the water, so your fish can thrive.

Spend less time stressing over water care and more time enjoying the tranquility of your aquarium. AquaPacs™ take the guesswork out of conditioning, for freshwater and saltwater tanks alike. Give your fish the clean, balanced water they deserve with this easy-to-use solution from Aqueon®.

Manufacturer: Aqueon
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AquaPacs Water Conditioner 10g 12pk
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