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AquaPacs Ammonia Reducer Aquarium Treatment 10g 4pk

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AquaPacs Ammonia Reducer Aquarium Treatment 10g 4pk

Don't let harmful ammonia threaten your fish's home. With Aqueon's AquaPacs Ammonia Reducer, maintaining a healthy aquarium is easy. These innovative balls conveniently neutralize dangerous ammonia, converting it into a safe form that beneficial bacteria can process.

Simply add one AquaPac when you do water changes or detect high ammonia. It will treat up to 10 gallons, so there's no measuring or risk of overdosing. The AquaPac goes to work immediately, promoting the biological balance that fish need to stay happy and thrive.

You can trust AquaPacs to effectively eliminate ammonia without any hassle. Your fish will enjoy a clean, worry-free home that encourages health. Bring harmony back to your aquarium with these ammonia-fighting balls. Just drop one in, and let it create the ideal environment for your fish to live their best lives.

Manufacturer: Aqueon
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AquaPacs Ammonia Reducer Aquarium Treatment 10g 4pk
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