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Supreme Pondmaster Pond Filter (no pump)

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Supreme Pondmaster Pond Filter (no pump)
The Supreme PondMaster 1000 Garden Pond Filter is suitable for ponds up to 1000 gallons.

Designed for ease of use and simplicity, this filter has a convenient handle for taking the filter out of water and disconnects quickly for easy removal from pump sources.

The coupling has a garden hose thread for adaptability.

The Supreme PondMaster 1000 Garden Pond Filter is versatile and can be used with any submersible pump up to 500gph. The modular design allows units to be connected together for higher capacity.

Inside the plastic housing, a thick layer of coarse filter material traps debris as it is drawn into the Pondmaster Filter. A layer of finer, carbon impregnated material is supplied to filter the water further. Activated carbon helps eliminate unwanted colors and odors as water passes through.

Filter media is easily rinsed or changed. Replacement filter materials are available.

Manufacturer: Eugene Danner
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Supreme Pondmaster Pond Filter (no pump)
UPC: 025033022119

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