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AquaClear Power Head Submersible Aquarium Pump Model 50

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AquaClear Power Head Submersible Aquarium Pump Model 50 title=
Adding a powerhead to an undergravel system increases water flow through a gravel substrate and improves its filtering efficiency. It also oxygenates water and, in the process, provides needed oxygen to colonies of beneficial bacteria in the gravel which optimizes their biological filtration capabilities.

Reverse Flow Operation: Both forward and reverse water flow. Keeps the substrate more clean by forcing debris to the top.

Easily fitted to most undergravel systems. Powerhead comes equipped with a tapered riser stem adapter which accepts 13mm / 1/2 inch to 28.5mm / 1.125 inch tubing. Rim clamp firmly holds it in place atop the riser stem, and an optional suction cup bracket allows the unit to hang from an aquarium wall instead of the rim.
  • With aerating feature
  • Reverse flow
  • Totally submersible
  • Variable output control (without air) up to 1,000 L (270 U.S. Gal.)
  • Variable output control (with air)up to 946 L / 250 U.S. Gal. per hour
  • Reverse Flow: 473 L / 125 U.S. Gal. per hour
  • Recommended Aquarium
  • (1 PH) 50 U.S. Gal.
  • (2 PH) 100 U.S. Gal.
  • UL Available

Manufacturer: Aqua Clear
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AquaClear Power Head Submersible Aquarium Pump Model 50
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