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Problem Questions

We have taken measures to make certain that our pages can be easily accessed and read by both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. We expect very little in the way of conflicts with our website with those two browsers, although the site will generally look a bit better with Internet Explorer because Navigator is unable to display some of the features used.

The most common complaint we receive is the inability to get to our checkout form. Connections to the secure server are always slower, so when internet congestion is high you may get to our regular server but fail to connect with the secure server. Repeated attempts will usually work, but if you remain unable to reach the checkout form, please leave everything in your shopping cart and call us at (800) 822-9085 between 9 and 5 p.m. (7-days per week). Your order will probably still be on our system, and we can handle the details of your shipping and credit card information over the phone.

If you are having a problem with any of the pages here at Arcata Pet, please e-mail the Arcata Pet Webmaster. In the e-mail please include the following whenever available; type of Internet Browser (ie; Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.), type of computer (Mac, IBM, etc), Internet Service Provider (AT&T, Mindspring, MSN, Prodigy, AOL, etc.), speed of modem connection (dialup, ISDN, DSL, Cable, etc). Tell us what the problem was. You will be doing us a favor, as it will help us improve our site.
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