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Notice: As of March 1st, 2002, there is no charge to register WWPlus32

Eventually there may be a version released that does not ask for registration. In the meantime, all you need to do is to Send mail to Don and request a registration serial number. One will be returned to you, normally within 24 hours. Please indicate what name should show as the registered user. Note: I've recently received several requests for registration, some of them repeated more than once, from AOL users who have e-mail blocked from senders they don't allow, so they never see my replies. If you send a request for registration please make sure that is allowed to send e-mail to you!

1. Release notes.
2. Download files.

WWPlus32 is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Wallpaper Manager/Changer. Images for wallpaper may be in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG formats, as well as .BMP., .TGA, .PCX and .TIF. Display options include the ability to have the wallpaper enlarge or contract to fill the screen or a space you define. You can associate .WAV or .MIDI files with individual images. Multiple lists of images in any directory may be maintained and selected. Change the wallpaper at startup and/or at intervals from 6 seconds to 999 minutes. Click here for a screen shot of the program's configuration dialog showing the options for images and queues.

Several function icons can be put in the Taskbar Tray, including wallpaper timer on/off, immediate wallpaper change, and instant Clear Screen. Another icon can be used to turn the screen saver on/off.

Version 4.04 Release notes:
Version 4.04 fixes a resource leak present in 4.0 that could cause system slowdowns the longer the program was run. The resources were restored when the program exited, but not before. Version 4.02 fixed all other known bugs that occurred in the 4.0 release.

Version 4.0 Release notes:
The program is completely rewritten, completing the porting of our major programs (previously ported were ImgViewer/32 and WWSaver32) to Delphi. The port results in a smaller, faster program.

What's new: There is one major addition to the program (since version 3.x); it has been the #1 requested addition for years, but was only possible with this new rewrite. You may now point a queue at a folder and the program will use that folder's contents as the queue. Changes (image additions/deletions) in the folder contents are reflected immediately. The advantage of doing this is that you do not need to worry about the queue as you make your file changes. The disadvantage is that you may not set individual image attributes such as tiling, resizing, and sound. All of these will follow the queue default.

There are minor changes to the interface, but generally those should be obvious. The program no longer has a separate page for generating thumbnails, and support has also been dropped for .ico and .cfm format. If there is a lot of request for those features they may be added back in the future. Note: The format of the queue database file has changed for a number of technical reasons, so this version will not read .QU2 files (used by versoin 3.xx). It will create files with a .QU3 extension, as are used by the current version of WWSaver32. You will need to create new queues of your images.

Downloading Information:
Here is version 4.04, released 4/30/01:
File size is approximately 775K.

wwplus32.zipSetup program which you can run.

The setup program does not include some standard system support files that are on most computers. If the setup warns that the files are missing, the following package contains all of the needed files. It can be run before or after the WWPlus32 setup is run. It is approximately 970K in size.
Run this setup file after downloading.

There is extensive online help, and a complete install/uninstall routine.

If you enjoy WWPlus32, you may to try other quality software from Arcata Pet Software, also free: WWSaver32 is a custom screen saver which uses the same image queues that are used by WWPlus32.
ImgViewer/32 is a great viewer for your JPG, GIF, PNG and other common format files. Uses the same graphics engine as WWPlus32.
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