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Notice: As of March 1st, 2002, there is no charge to register WWSaver32

Eventually there may be a version released that does not ask for registration. In the meantime, all you need to do is to Send mail to Don and request a registration serial number. One will be returned to you, normally within 24 hours. Please indicate what name should show as the registered user.

If you are like most online folks, you have acquired a lot of images of your favorite subjects, usually in GIF or JPG format. This program offers a unique way to arrange sets of these images as a custom screen saver.

WWSaver32 is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP screen saver. Images used by the screen saver may be in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG formats, as well as .BMP. ICO, .TGA, .PCX and .TIF. Display options include the ability to have the image enlarge or contract to fill the screen or a space you define, with or without tiling. You can associate .WAV or MIDI files with individual images, with the sound playing at each image change. Multiple lists of images in any directory may be maintained and selected. Change the image at intervals from 1 to 6000 seconds. Click here for a screen shot of the program's configuration dialog showing the options for an image.

Version 4 now allows the use of "folder queues," where you simply point the queue at a folder, and the program will use whatever images are in that folder at the time, using queue defaults for resizing, tiling, and sound.

15 transition effects are available for smooth transition from one image to the next. You may choose any number of these transitions, and the program will randomly select one at each change. Click here for a screen shot of the WWSaver32 configuration screen showing the available effects.

Here is version 4.03, released 4/30/2001.
File size is approximately 774K.

Important Note: Versions from 3.50 on will not recognise the .QU2 files used by earlier versions. You will need to build new queue files (.QU3 is the new type) to use this one.

The setup program does not include some standard system support files that are on most computers. If the setup warns that a file or files are missing or out of date, the following package contains all of the needed files. It can be run before or after the WWSaver32 setup is run. It is approximately 977K in size.
Run this setup file after downloading.

There is extensive online help, and a complete install/uninstall routine.

If you enjoy WWSaver32, you may want to try other quality software from Arcata Pet Software, also free: WWPlus32 is a program with image queues like WWSaver32, except it uses those images to change your Windows wallpaper.

ImgViewer/32 is a great viewer for your JPG, GIF, PNG and other common format files. Uses the same graphics engine as WWSaver32.

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