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BirdData is FREE. Early versions were shareware, but with version 3.20 in 1999 the program became freeware. Thanks to all who supported the program over its 5 years as shareware.

BirdData is a complete database program that I developed for my own needs as a parrot breeder, and later released and expanded in reponse to other breeders' needs. Records are kept for individual birds and for breeding pairs.

Y2K note: BirdData interprets "00" as 1900, "01" as 1901, and so on. It will correctly read current dates and perform date calculations, but any entered date from 2000 on must use "2001" fully.

Here is the download site for version 3.21:
Download and run this setup.

The program is complete and uncrippled. This is a Windows 3.1x program that is also compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista. It is not compatible with Windows 7. There is a full setup program and complete context sensitive help file.

The program requires Windows 3.1 or later. The file you download is BDSETUP.EXE. Run this program to install BirdData on your computer.

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